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FLS Projects Singapore Steers Complex Boat Shipment with Innovative Thinking

Our logistics expertise was put to the test when handling two units of 32-metre catamarans, each weighing 120 tons, from Singapore to Rotterdam. The limited deck space presented a complex obstacle: one of the catamarans needed to be stowed under deck, in the vessel's hold. The challenge intensified when the catamaran exceeded the maximum height limit in the hold, potentially necessitating structural modifications, causing unnecessary downtime and costs for our client upon arrival.

However, through precise orchestration with the client, shipyard, and vessel owner’s engineering team, FLS Projects Singapore devised a two-pronged solution: precise mast modifications to reduce the catamaran’s height and strategic lowering of the wooden block bedding. This approach ensured a perfect fit, sufficient safety margins, and smooth sailing for both catamarans to their final destination.

Experience the FLS difference where we turn logistical complexities into seamless journeys. At FLS, we keep the world moving.
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FLS Fuels Excitement for the Viking Cup 2024 Saigon Edition

Founded in 1990, the Viking Cup has been renowned as the best amateur football tournament in Asia. Now, after a journey across the continent, FLS proudly steps in as the main sponsor, bringing this spectacular event back to vibrant Saigon, Vietnam!

FLS and the Viking Cup share a long-standing connection, with our first involvement in 2016. Together we embody the Viking spirit – a celebration of diversity, camaraderie and shared values. We believe in the power of sport to build bridges and confront every challenge with passion and determination, just as we connect continents through efficient tailor-made supply chain solutions.

Mark your calendars for March 28th, 2024, and get ready to cheer for some of the region's top teams.
FLS Projects | FLS Logistics | FLS Warehousing | FLS Trading
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FLS Group Expands Global Reach with New Japan Office

FLS Group Expands Global Reach with New Japan Office

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo’s Minato City, our centrally located office provides convenient access to Japan’s clients and partners.

Leading the FLS Japan team are two seasoned professionals: Kazuharu Taga as Country Manager, and Operations Manager Tadamasa Yoshikawa. Their expertise in logistics operations will ensure the seamless delivery of FLS‘s tailored solutions in Japan.

"Our presence in Tokyo represents a significant advancement in FLS Group's global expansion strategy," states Francesco Josè Rivi, Japan Representative Director and Managing Director APAC. "By establishing a local base, we reaffirm our commitment to the Japanese market and strengthen our ability to deliver exceptional value to Asia’s dynamic logistics landscape."

Ready to connect?

FLS Group: An Unbreakable Bond, A Family United, A World Moved!

In the face of growth, what triumphs define us? At FLS, it’s our people who forge the STRONG BONDS beyond business. Initially joining FLS as colleagues, driven by a shared purpose – to keep the world moving, we have evolved into friends, building a united family that fuels FLS into a global logistics powerhouse.

Take a moment to hear stories from FLS leaders and our dedicated team players. From stumbles to wins, it’s our collective determination that pushes boundaries and propels us forward.

Click to gain a behind the scenes look at FLS, a celebration of teamwork and power of connection.
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FLS Group - Singapore to Indonesia

Here's our latest accomplishment in handling intricate logistics - transporting 43 packages of compressor skids and accessories, occupying 3,824.08CBM, with the heaviest compressor weighing 140 tons, from Batam to Jurong Port.

Starting at the Batam Private Jetty in Indonesia, our meticulous planning ensured a seamless roll-on and lift-on operations onto the barges. The overside loading at Jurong Port, Singapore posed challenges such as tight stowage space, tandem lifting, and heavy rainfalls. However, our FLS Singapore team handled the hurdles with precision, successfully unloading the goods for onward transport to Turkey.

Our commitment to cooperation and quality results shines through, reinforcing our capability to provide reliable and tailored logistics solutions for our clients' diverse needs.
Photo by David Dibert on Pexels

FLS Group -Cloud Data Plant Project

PT. Federal Logistik Sistem - FLS Project Indonesia recently embarked on a
project that highlights another successful outcome - the Cloud Data Plant
Project. A first for our team, this venture challenged us to move beyond
transportation and step into the realms of lifting and engineering.

In the heart of Cikarang, West Java- Indonesia, our team overcame spatial
limitations through meticulous planning. We delicately navigated 27 units
and accessories of engines with careful calculations in lifting, jacking,
skidding, and rolling.

Our secured working without lost time injury (LTI) and adherence to the
high QHSE standards in Oil & Gas impressed our major client in the EPC

Through our bespoke solutions, we contributed to our client's successful
operations, reinforcing our commitment to keep the world moving.

FLS Group Global Management Meeting

Rising Above - FLS Global Management Meeting 2023! Last week FLS Vietnam had the pleasure to host the FLS Management Meeting 2023 in the “Pearl of the Far East” - Ho Chi Minh City. 28 leaders from 10 country offices gathered to present their business achievements and propose strategic solutions for the future. The exchange of insights and experiences was further enriched by a visit to the FLS Vietnam office. Our leaders then relished the Saigon River Sunset Tour and an intimate dinner, seizing a

FLS Group - Corporate Video Reveal!

Only 7 days until the big reveal! In the span of three decades, FLS has evolved from a niche project cargo company to a well-known interconnected supply chain provider. We have been guided by the steady trust and support of our incredible partners and stakeholders. And now, we are excited to share a special moment with you. Our upcoming corporate video is set to redefine the norm with a creative approach that is truly out of the box. We will unveil the secrets behind our success and introduce th

Happy New Year

As 2024 dawns, FLS is gearing up to embark on the next chapter of collaboration, innovation and sustainable solutions that push the boundaries of supply chains.

Get ready for a pulsating year that will keep the world moving and connected!

Raise our glasses to a thriving New Year filled with joy, shared success, and a logistics world powered by FLS Group's enduring commitment to excellence.
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DEF - Underprivileged Children

At Diamond Elephant Foundation (DEF), we recognize that for many underprivileged children, shelters are more than just roofs overhead, they’re havens of love.
Love serves as their anchor, providing a sense of security, belonging, and self-worth. It forms the foundation for their emotional well-being, empowering children to overcome life’s obstacles with resilience and confidence. Alongside cultivating young minds with knowledge and skills, DEF’s initiatives also aim to build atmospheres filled with love and compassion. Our team acts as not only educators but also as caring mentors, guiding and nurturing every child’s growth with dedication.
Join us in spreading love and creating an environment where every child feels seen, heard, and valued. Together, let's foster a flourishing hope for those facing adversity.

Hotline: +66 94 942 2415 (Office) | +66 38 494 144
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Diamond Elephant Foundation - Education for Children

In Thailand, approximately 48,000 primary and 87,000 lower secondary school-aged children face the reality of being out of school. Notably, this number increases dramatically to 479,000 in the upper secondary level, mainly children from migrant, poor or disadvantaged backgrounds.
Every child reserves the right to quality education, equipping them with skills to live and thrive in the ever-changing world. Studies also show that education is the best way to break poverty cycles and ensure nations prosper. Therefore, DEF endeavors to provide educational opportunities, and award scholarships to marginalized children who yearn to learn.
Join us at DEF as we bridge the gaps in educational inequities. Donate, volunteer, or raise awareness. Together, we can empower Thailand's children, one classroom at a time.
Hotline: +66 94 942 2415 (Office) | +66 38 494 144
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Diamond Elephant Foundation - Thailand

Biology 101 at Father Ray Children Shelter!
We recently held our very first Biology class at the shelter, immersing our kids in the captivating world of microscopes. The children’s response to the activity was overwhelmingly positive! They joyfully explored diverse specimens, sparking a newfound interest in science.
Biology lays the foundation for career paths in medicine, food science, forestry and beyond. Our approach is to make learning enjoyable, aiming to kindle a passion for biology in a fun and engaging way. We plan to expand science classes, promising even more exciting discoveries for our budding scientists.
We're reaching out to the community to acquire additional science instruments and provide enriching experiences for these enthusiastic learners.
Let's nurture the curiosity and passion for science in our children together!

Diamond Elephant Foundation - Thailand

English pronunciation can be a bit tricky, but an exciting challenge!
This is why our recent English class focused on tackling pronunciation for our kids in an engaging and creative way. The children had fun practicing "Tongue Twister" sentences by linking English sounds with the Thai alphabet. This not only made English pronunciation a breeze but also lit up the children's enthusiasm to their next English class!
At the Shelter, we are dedicated to creating a relaxed and imaginative classroom atmosphere for a positive learning experience. With your support, we can make it happen.
Kindly consider donating to fuel more enjoyable learning adventures and brighter futures for our children.

Diamond Elephant Foundation - Thailand

In an act of heartfelt generosity, FLS Group and Diamond Elephant Foundation (“DEF”) donated 25,000 THB to Take Care Kids Foundation during a fundraising event hosted by The Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard and ESS Development. Established in 2006, Take Care Kids has been safeguarding children in Pattaya from violence and abuse, helping them rebuild their lives and a new future.
This collaboration solidifies our commitment to supporting underprivileged children in Thailand. Beyond our logistics expertise, FLS Group and DEF are actively dedicated to giving back to communities and keeping the world moving.
Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of children in need by contributing at

Diamond Elephant Foundation

All of us at Diamond Elephant Foundation (DEF) would like to extend our warmest gratitude and season's greetings to you, our incredible donors, and FLS Group. Your generosity, compassion, and dedication have been a shining light and are truly gifts that keep on giving to the underprivileged children supported by DEF.
Together we've empowered young minds through education and life skills, fostering hope for a brighter future. May 2024 be a year brimming with life-changing projects for the children in need.
Wishing you and the children a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Diamond Elephant Foundation - Thailand

At our shelter, we pay special attention to mathematics, recognizing its crucial role in new technology education. Responding to the kids' request for a class on fraction equations, we tackled this challenging concept together. Starting with basic fractions, we guided them to explore how fraction equations can be used in future scientific studies.
Our approach took them from simple to sophisticated equations, boosting their confidence to handle even the toughest questions. The result? The children are now ready to breeze through upcoming math exams with ease.
With your support, we can continue fostering children's academic knowledge. Contribute to our educational initiatives by donating at

Diamond Elephant Foundation - Thailand

A Future Chef in the Making

Remember Yaya, our ambitious scholarship girl with dreams of five-star kitchens? Well, she's honing her culinary expertise at the Faculty of Science and Technology's Department of Food and Services Business with 100% of the tuition sponsored by FLS Group and Diamond Elephant Foundation (DEF).

In a recent Thai dessert cooking class, Yaya showcased her skills with the grace of a seasoned chef. And her creation, a steamed coconut custard, reflects her passion and dedication to her craft. This is more than a cooking class to Yaya, it's about fulfilling her dreams and fostering self-sustainability. Inspired by her success, Yaya plans to sell her dishes during her free time.

At DEF, we're dedicated to giving children like Yaya the tools and support to chase their dreams. From scholarships to practical skills, we're here to pave the path to bright futures.

Help children like Yaya reach their full potential by donating at:

Diamong Elephant Foundation

Sujannee's Dream Takes Flight
Do you remember our Sujannee? The once-shy girl is now taking pivotal steps toward becoming a teacher. Supported by our scholarship, she has enrolled in the Faculty of Education at Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University, determined to help children in remote areas of her home village and Thailand’s border.
Recently, Sujannee participated in a class observation at the secondary school of her university. Her attentiveness and dedicated practice paid off as she led the class and delivered her first teaching session with ease and confidence. Sujannee is closer to fulfilling her dream and inspiring children in her community.
Diamond Elephant Foundation remains committed to supporting Sujannee and other scholarship recipients, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities to blossom and build sustainable lives. If you share our vision of investing in the future of Thailand's youth, please contact us.

EIS Alumni Khoi Anh Phams Aspirational Journey to Success

EIS alumni Khoi Anh Pham has always been a trailblazer. Not only did he gain a scholarship to Saint Mary’s University in Canada (jumping straight into the second year of his degree), but he also landed a tonne of exciting paid internships (including one with the Halifax Regional Police). Since graduating from university, Khoi Anh Pham has stepped it up another notch, first gaining a prestigious job with IBM Canada, and now an exciting role in talent acquisition at KPMG.

From South Africa to Vietnam: A Memorable Exchange

With a presence in over 23 countries and over 100 schools worldwide, Inspired provides unparalleled opportunities for students to take part in exchange programs, allowing peers from different backgrounds to enjoy common ground and experience a new culture.

Sarah and Amelie, two year 10 students from Reddam House schools in South Africa, recently embarked on a whirlwind six-week exchange program to learn with us at AIS Saigon.

The idea of meeting new people, experiencing a different way of life
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